Saturday, June 8, 2013

Hendren Global Group Top Facts Reviews: Cybercrime targets smaller fish with less guard

Fraud prevention is very important to big or even smaller businesses. Self-storage industry is beginning to be affected by cybercrime and it is becoming a big problem. This can be prevented through effective training and education to make owners and managers aware of the developing problem. Same methods that were already adapted by cybercriminals to target other industries and some of the same methods used to defraud businesses before digital age can be used against our industry.

Small- to medium-sized businesses are in more risk than ever unlike before that only the most high-profile cybercrime cases involves child victimization or Russian spies. Although large corporations have the most up to date protection of their systems they always tune it up because they still have been fighting online fraud for many years. This is why smaller outfits (family-owned self-storage facilities or even smaller chain operations) should be vigilant to what is happening in the cyber underworld as well.

Larger companies stronger defense made cybercriminals turn to smaller businesses as their victims. These smaller outfits only have a small IT staff or sometimes none at all, making them an easier target. What they should be doing is to start teaching themselves of the latest scams and methods of today’s digital thieves.

Criminal Minds and Methods. Cyber thieves use many various techniques to trick their victims. Cyber criminals have the reputation that they large affect large bank because “that’s where the money is.” What self-storage owners and managers should know is that these cyber criminals are now also targeting their industry. Now also seen on self-storage industry is the some same methods used to target the broader real estate industry. Even if there are few self-storage attacks that were known to public, in general small organizations is now cyber thieves target preys.

Recently, another example of cybercrime in real estate industry was through email messages with the goal to recruit money mules. Money mules are simply the money launderers, their work is to transfer the money collected from the Internet scams from the victim to the criminal. These people most of the time are unaware of the crime they committed because they believe what they did was just work from home opportunity.

“An international real property agency with wide background in reselling, exchanging, buying out and legal counseling assistance all over the USA and Canada.” This is a Spam message that has been distributed recently, offers a part-time real estate agent position. This is an example of an illegitimate offer rather what it do instead is it not only involves international, organized crime, it denigrates and erodes the integrity of true real estate professionals.

This one is another real estate-specific scam; it involves rental properties posted online. Cyber criminals can collect every payment to the property they do not own simply by copying the digital information from your online listing to create their own listing. This is actually a long time scheme and now the convenience and ubiquity of the Internet make it easier for cons to perpetrate these crimes.

People who find it harder and harder to make ends meet have been lured into secret shopper jobs, this happens during the recent recession. Most of these are scams but there are also legitimate offers on the website for the Mystery Shopping Providers Association. In self-storage industry an example of this scam involves a re-shipping scam where you may be persuaded over email to receive goods at your facility and later ship them out to another address. They are taking advantage of your innocence so you can commit a crime without you knowing so try to avoid strange offers like the latter.
Remember that cyber criminals are best at tricks, they prey on your sympathies and fears and you may not know it until you literally misplaced your confidence in someone.
They also used sense of urgency to lure you into becoming their prey. They will make you feel that you have to respond quickly to the queries in order to get the business. Any transactions that make you decide urgent more often than not leads to disaster, in any decision you make always remember to slow down, take it easy and rethink of it several times before deciding and remember, cyber criminals take advantage of our impulsiveness.

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